Saturday, 12 January 2013

Chapter One

Welcome to the blog of my first TS3 legacy, and first attempt of the Random Legacy Challenge!

Please excuse badly taken pictures, as I'm still getting used to the controls.

Meet Diane Spryland. She's a young adult, Scorpio and her traits are: Insane, Hot Headed, Daredevil, Heavy Sleeper and Evil. Her lifetime wish is to become the Emperor Of Evil. She rolled to be the top of the Criminal career, to have 2 kids, to be a perfectionist (?) and for her spouse to run a daycare. Or at least, that's all I can remember.

She seems to enjoy holding arguments with herself over totally random stuff. Here, she's conducting one about who stole the last slice of pizza. She was still mulling over it later. That takes some doing.

When she was quite finished, I sent her off to the Criminal career rabbithole to get herself a job. She seems to have donned her tracksuit for the occasion. Not sure why. I'm sure even criminals need to dress smartly to get a job. As the saying goes, even evil has standards.
I like that you can just zoom out to the map and find the relevant place rather then waiting days for the right career to come up.

Whatever she did, it was successful. She doesn't look too happy, but trust me. She has a good memory in her scrapbook and this was her wish that I promised her, so she's happy. This is pretty much her default facial expression.

When she got home, she decided to read something manical, or in other words, read a children's book because she's so insane like that. Anything to keep her happy. At least she's not like a Sim I made in TS2, Florence who just reads romance novels all day. But I guess that if you were stuck in the base game on your own with little to no furniture, you would read all day too.

After reading, Diane decided to go outside for a extreme her best dress. Each to their own I guess.

She wasn't very good at it either, seeming to spend more time falling then actually upright. I'm just worried that since there's no fence on the deck she's on, she'll go flying. Maybe reducing the speed would help, Diane?

Eventually she gave up and went to have a bath. It was also around this time she started to get very annoyed at me for following her around with a camera, even when I explained it was part of the parcel of being a legacy founder.

Enjoying a nice slice of bread with jam. Unfortunately after this she actually attacked me for not getting out of her face. For 170 pounds of pixels, she isn't half strong. I'm afraid this -OUCH- will be the last picture.

I hope you -OW- enjoyed this chapter. I'll try and reason with her to get another one out before too long.

Ta-ta for now!



  1. I like your founder, she's going to be fun to read about! Also, Sims with the insane trait change their clothes according to their whim. Formals to bed? You bet!
    Swimming in outerwear? The only way to go!
    It does make for some funny random moments.
    Good luck with your legacy!

  2. Your founder seems to be great fun, also I love the title of your legacy - so true!

  3. Welcome to the challenge, you are off to a great start. An insane criminal type always makes for a fun founder!

  4. Considering the name of your legacy, I'm honestly quite disappointed you didn't name your founder Glados.

    But Diane was interesting enough to win me over anyway. I'm looking forward to reading more about her and her conquest to take over as Emperor of EVIL. (Caps necessary)